Feeling Thankful.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I had an encounter that reminded me of how amazingly lucky we are in this country and in our time.

A casual acquaintance told me that he is the youngest of 10 children, and grew up in Ireland.  His mother raised those 10 children in a house with no running water and no heat.

(Not his actual mother… just a picture from the Internet)

She would get up at 4 am to start warming babies’ bottles.  For water, they had to go down to the river, or to the well.  He recalled fighting with his siblings about whose turn it was to go fetch the water.  And feeling cold all the time, since the house was heated with fires that, it sounds like, could only do so much.

We’re not talking about the the 1800s here.  He is 48 years old.

Since I’m exhausted raising two kids with all of our modern conveniences (not just running water, but a washing machine!  And a dryer!  And a dishwasher!  And heat with the press of a button!), this was an excellent reminder of how luxurious our lives really are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1 comment on “Feeling Thankful.

  1. My wife was raised in this (US) country without indoor bathrooms or running water. And they weren’t considered poor, just typical Arkansas farmers. She is incredibly spoiled now of course, early retired and financially independent and awesome.

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