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El cheapo delicious dinner.

Oh hi!  With all my talk about food savings and eating well, I thought it might be nice to share some specific success stories.  With that, I’m launching this mini-series on recipes we’ve cooked that have been cheap and great.  We’re cooking all the time, so I won’t bore you with every meal — usually, I make pretty simple stuff.  But when I find something really good, I’ll share.  Here’s today’s:

This pulled pork recipe  I found on Chowhound wins on every score:  it’s extremely delicious, easy to prep, can be made ahead, uses simple ingredients you probably mostly have in the house already, and makes a LOT of food.  It’s the perfect combination of indulgent and frugal.

For last night’s version, we used about 3.5 lbs of meat, which cost $10 at Wegmans.  3 adults and 1 child had it for dinner, and there’s still well over half the recipe left.  We ate it on toasted potato rolls (cheap), with homemade potato salad (super cheap — red potatoes we bought from Costco), and watermelon (in season, delicious and also — you guessed it — cheap!).  Enjoy!

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